Mathematical, Computational & Statistical Sciences Seminar

Yale-NUS College

AY 2016/2017 Semester 2

Our seminar meets Wednesdays 2:30-3:30pm in Classroom 21 unless stated otherwise. Here is a campus map.
Please feel free to contact with any questions or suggestions.

  18 January 2017   Sean Saito (Yale-NUS)   Neural Clusters and Machine Learning
  18 January 2017   Christian Go (Yale-NUS)   Betti Numbers of Threshold Graphs
  25 January 2017   Brian Huang (Yale-NUS)   Phase Retrieval
  1 Febuary 2017   Anya Evtushenko (Yale-NUS)   Social Network Analysis Basics
  1 Febuary 2017   Dylan Ho (Yale-NUS)   Investigating the Effect of Augmented Reality in Mobile Gaming Applications
  8 Febuary 2017   Anshuman Mohan (Yale-NUS)   Certification of a Garbage Collector for a Purely Functional Language
  8 Febuary 2017   Parag Bhatnagar (Yale-NUS)   Effects of Inter and Intra-Modal Distraction on Haptic Feedback Perception
  15 Febuary 2017   Michael Anthony (Yale-NUS)   The Automorphisms of S6
  15 Febuary 2017   John Reid (Yale-NUS)   Building an Autonomous Car Fleet using the Raspberry Pi
  1 Mar 2017   Nur Qistina Binte Abdul Wahid (Yale-NUS)   Introduction to Algebraic Coding Theory
  1 March 2017   Chua Yao Hui (Yale-NUS)   Progressive Web Applications for Migrant Domestic Workers
  8 March 2017   Robby Tan (Yale-NUS)   Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and Bad Weather
  10 March 2017   Mohamed Omar (Harvey Mudd College)   Peak Polynomials
  13 March 2017   Roozbeh Hazrat (Western Sydney University)   Levitt path algebras
  15 March 2017   Han Xu, Yifei Huang, Omar Ali (Palantir)   Big Data Analysis: An Interactive Session with Palantir Engineers
  22 March 2017   Andreas Heinecke (Yale-NUS)   Waves and sparsity
  29 March 2017   Alex Cook (NUS)   Modelling and Computational Statistics in Public Health

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