Mathematical, Computational & Statistical Sciences Seminar

Yale-NUS College

AY2016/2017 Semester 1

  22 August 2016   Dave Smith (Yale-NUS)   Fokas' method for linear evolution equations
  29 August 2016   De Wen Soh (IHPC)   Separability and faithfulness in Gaussian graphical models
  5 September 2016   Matt Stamps (Yale-NUS)   The combinatorics and topology of subspace arrangements
  26 September 2016   Xiaolu Hou (NTU)   Construction of modular lattices from linear codes and number fields
  17 October 2016   Frédérique Oggier (NTU)   On generalized rank weights
  7 November 2016   Simon Perrault (Yale-NUS)   Interaction with wearable computers: Challenges and perspectives
  24 November 2016   Ross Horne (NTU)   Proofs in Non-Commutative Logic as Successful Executions of Protocols
  25 November 2016   Razvan Doicu (Teralytics)   Public Transportation Metrics from Mobile Location Data

AY2015/2016 Semester 2

  19 January 2016   Jason Teutsch (NUS)   When cryptocurrencies mine their own business
  26 January 2016   Tim Wertz (Yale-NUS)   Almost eigenvalues and eigenvectors for the almost Mathieu operator
  2 February 2016   Zhengyun Zhang (SMART)   Computationally capturing a fuller picture of light
  12 February 2016   Ivan Martino (University of Fribourg)   The arrangement of fixed subspaces of a faithful representation
  16 February 2016   Shaowei Lin (SUTD)   Lessons on statistical singularities from deep learning
  1 March 2016   Jon Berrick (Yale-NUS)   Braids: a tale with a twist
  8 March 2016   Marty Weissman (Yale-NUS)   Arithmetic, statistics, and the Langlands program
  15 March 2016   Matt Stamps (Yale-NUS)   Cutting up spaces
  22 March 2016   Ernest Chong (A*STAR & NTU)   An intersection of topological combinatorics, commutative algebra, and extremal graph theory
  29 March 2016   Wang Xu (NUS)   Statistical strategies in next-generation large scale genetic studies
  5 April 2016   Adrian Roellin (NUS)   Inside AlphaGo

AY2015/2016 Semester 1

  11 November 2015   Alex Engström (Aalto University)   Graph coloring and topology